City of Orlando
City of Orlando
Public Works Department

Iron Bridge Regional Water Reclamation Facility Scale Model Educational Display

Topographic Scale Model of a Wastewater Treatment Facility
Designed and Built in 1:1200 Scale (One Mile Equals Less Than 53 Inches)
with Highly Detailed Individual Structures, including
Master Pump Station, Bar Screens, Grit Removal, Bardenpho System, Secondary Clarifiers,
Deep Bed Filters, Disinfection Stage, Wetlands Pump Station, Public Access Reuse,
Little Econ River Outflow, Biosolids Handling, Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC) Plant, Hyacinth Ponds,
Maintenance Facility, Iron Bridge Administration Building / Environmental Laboratory,
Cell Tower, Commercial Buildings, Residential Homes, Vehicles and Roads

with Realistic Landscapes and Multiple Water Features with Realistic Wet-Look Water Effects

with Representational Water Flow System
and Miniature Identification Graphics and Signage
with Educational Graphics on Four-Sided Angled Panel Display
with Protective Clear Acrylic Display Cover and Finished Select Pine Frame

with Custom Designed Illustrated Logotype

Research, Design, Writing and Fabrication
with Adobe Illustrator Drawings, Adobe Photoshop Graphics, CNC Router Cutting,
Full Color Printing and Fine Hand Craftsmanship